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Here are few, easy to follow, self help books I have written, available in user friendly Kindle format for immediate access. Just click the amazon.com link at the bottom of the page:

51FldfKSVGL._UY250_A basic, introduction of what Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is and how you can begin to use it immediately to make lasting changes in your life. Learn simple, yet powerful techniques to get control of your:

  • anxiety
  • anger
  • fears
  • negative thinking patterns that prevent you from having the kind of life you want.


51BkAha0ygL._UY250_Cognitive Behavioral Therapy strategies to develop control of anxiety, worry and fears that run your life and control you.

You’ll learn:

  • why some anxiety, worry, and fear is necessary
  • powerful strategies to get symptom relief immediately
  • mindbody techniques such as visualization, meditation,and cognitive therapy
  • an action plan to combat social anxiety, worry, phobias, PTSD, and OCD.

You’ll learn to face your fears and act anyway.


51WCzI6slqL._UY250_Men traditionally struggle with asking for help.It doesn’t have to be that way. This book will teach you:

  • how men already use self help strategies without realizing it.
  • how to set goals and implement strategies to achieve them.
  • simple techniques to apply to control the things that now control you
  • the difference in the thinking patterns of average men and some of history’s greatest men.
  •  strategies to inspire you to remain motivated and suck it up even when you don’t want to.

Men are not averse to self help and personal development. This book will show you the hows and whys.

Modern life, despite all the conveniences, is more stressful than ever. 51Zvq7JeavL._UY250_Trying to juggle what you have to do, with what you want to do, takes a toll on your mind, body, work, and relationships. Here’s how to:

  • Identify sources of stress in your life, including some you never thought of
  • Learn to manage your time, creating the illusion of more of it
  • Learn to be task orientated, freeing up physical and mental energy for the more important things in life.
  • Learn how to develop a wellness lifestyle that balances your obligations and your personal goals

No psychobabble here. Just simple practical advice of how to get your life under control!



These books are available for instant download. Just click below to be connected to my Amazon Bookstore.



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