online coaching using mind and body for a life worth living


supporrtive handsI offer a variety of coaching, consultation, and guidance services in an e-format style using email, phone, text, and Skype sessions. This provides easily accessible services and ongoing guidance which takes place on your schedule and in your time frame. I’ll work beside you as you work to accomplish your goals .

E-coaching is highly effective for a wide range of personal challenges. It can be an alternative to drive to an office for once a week sessions, and a way to have support and guidance from an anonymous person outside your real life who will work with you confidentially to attain personal goals.

Most online sessions are a combination of coaching, problem solving, and strategizing. As a mind body practitioner, I alternate between being a teacher, coach and mentor, providing phoneadvice and instruction on the application of mind body solutions for resolving difficulties at the core level. That is one aspect of the work of online coaching. The other involves experiential work with the client, helping him or her get in touch with core emotions to facilitate their resolution through mind body strategies. This approach works particularly well in Skype video sessions or via the phone because clients feel so much more at ease in the comfort of their own home. Clients are invited to email me in between sessions if they have any questions about the homework assignments they have been given. In this way the work of the session extends outside of the session into the real world, where it counts.

Contact me, I’m certain we can work out a program to meet your needs and allow you to attain your goals.Your program can be a personalized one where you and I consult with you via Skype, phone, text, and email or it can consist of bibliotherapy through articles, assignments, and daily to do activities that I’ll coach you through. Many of your assignments will be accessible through the Members section of this website. The accountability, support, and side by side coaching interaction may be all that is needed to create the treemomentum required to get you where you want to be fast, without a major disruption to your existing lifestyle and obligations.

Don’t procrastinate any longer, go to the Contact page http://mindbodycoach.org/contact-us/ and get in touch with me right now. Let’s get going!



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