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Worried About 2017? Make A F*ck It List

“Forever trusting who we are, and nothing else matters.” – Metallica, Nothing Else Matters

Another year is in the record books, and a new one is beginning. New Year’s brings an optimism and freshness that is hard to explain, but you know it when you feel it. Many of us start our New Year’s with a list of things that we would like to accomplish over the next 365 days. Some will actually attain these goals, but most will give up. Statistics say that most of these resolutions will be dead and gone by Valentines Day. What is it about New Year’s Day resolutions that brings out the BS in most of us? Why do so many fail to follow through?

Everyone is probably familiar with the term Bucket List. A Bucket List is a list of things that one simply has to to do before they die. In theory, there is an urgency with a bucket list, the idea being that a life would not be fulfilled without accomplishing these things. The idea is compelling in an almost spiritual way. Maybe all accomplishment doesn’t have to be this dramatic or drastic.

The year 2017 is the perfect time to change traditional New Year’s resolution lists. It promises to be an exciting year and, depending upon your political beliefs, it’s going to be a dawning of the new age for the United States or the end of Western civilization as we know it. Rather than work ourselves into a tizzy, we all should create a new list this year. Not things that we want to do, must do, or will do. A list of things that we won’t do. Not a to do list, not a bucket list, but a F*ck It List.

The idea behind your F*ck It List is pretty simple. You comprise a list of things that you will no longer do, tolerate, or put up with any longer. You are going to clean house, de-clutter your life, removing the people, places, and things that are dragging you down. Why would you do this? Consider the wisdom of this great American philosopher:

“The status quo sucks.” – George Carlin

Here are some suggestions of things that you may want to say F*ck It to in 2017:

⦁    Say F*ck It to negativity, whether it’s yours or anyone else’s. Consider the way you talk to yourself about yourself. When you look in the mirror in the morning what you say to yourself? Perhaps, even right now, you’re pondering those extra 7 pounds that you’ve gained from Thanksgiving to now, berating yourself for being a “fat slob,” a “pig,” or some other derisive term. Why? Why talk to yourself like that? F*ck It !
⦁    Say F*ck It to negative people. If you can, avoid them, then avoid them. Delete them from your speed dial, contacts list, or Facebook friends. If you can’t, or for some masochistic reason won’t, limit your contact with them. If they tend to piss you off with their rants about religion, politics, or anything else that upsets you, time to end the conversation with an, “I gotta go, talk to you later,” kind of attitude. When in doubt, avoid entirely.
⦁    Say F*ck It to worrying about what people think about you. Realize that you not a mind reader, the Great Karnak, Madame Cleo, or Nostradamus. You have no idea what they’re thinking. Remember that 90% of the time, 90% of people are not thinking about you, they’re thinking about themselves. You’re not so special that everybody’s thinking about you. You decide, what You think about You this year!
⦁    Say F*ck It to dieting. Dieting doesn’t usually work for people because it’s such a negative word, with all kinds of negative connotations. You deprive yourself of something that you truly enjoy so that you can impress people that you see briefly. The reward for all that sacrifice is they tell you how great you look. Well, Cupcake, they are going to say that anyway. When is the last time you ran into someone you hadn’t seen for a long time and they told you you look like crap? This year you’re not “going on a diet”, you are simply going to eat healthy instead. Consider eating poorly in the same manner that a moderate drinker uses alcohol. You may imbibe one night per week, a couple of times a month, or even less than that. You don’t grab that bottle of Jack Daniels the next morning, you go back to your normal and balanced routine. Do that with your nutrition. Everything in moderation, just be sure it’s really moderation. Say F*ck It to dieting in 2017.
⦁    Say F*ck It to the media overkill. No year in the history of the United States has been more divided because of the media. The current age of instant access, instant information, and instant journalism, makes the Yellow Journalism of the late 19th century look childish and primitive. How many friends have you lost this year because of political discussions punctuated by quotes from suspect news sources? How many friends that you thought you really knew and shared values with do you now considered to be total A holes because of what you read on their Facebook page? Don’t you kind of wish you didn’t know this about them? F*ck that this year.
⦁    Say F*ck It to an exercise routine doesn’t motivate you. How many people do you know that brag that they “go to the gym” look like crap? I’d guess more than half. The reason is they don’t really go, overestimate how often they go, or haven’t gone in ages. That Planet Fitness tag on their keychain is just a reminder that they will go… sometime…soon…when they can find the time. You may even be one of those no judgment zone refugees yourself. The reason you don’t go is because you don’t want to, because you don’t like it. F*ck It! Find some kind of routine that you truly enjoy and will stick to. It can be something as simple as a routine you do at home, walking your dog, shooting basketballs in your driveway, or gardening in your backyard. It doesn’t matter what you do, just do something. It has to be, however, something that you truly enjoy doing. Find that, and do it often.

These half-dozen suggestions for your F*ck It is by no means meant to be inclusive, rather, it is meant to be stimulation for you to get some motivation for some New Year’s resolutions that you are likely to stick with. The beauty of a F*ck It list is that it is instantly reinforcing and the results are noticeable immediately, right from the very first F*ck It. And don’t feel bad about it, don’t announce it on your Facebook page, just begin to do it. A well thought out F*ck It List is a catalyst for a happier you in 2017. This year, decide what really matters to you, makes you truly happy and more available to those that you truly care about.

‘Never opened myself this way. Life is ours, we live it our way. All these words I don’t just say, and nothing else matters.” – Metallica, Nothing Else Matters

Have a happy 2017!


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